About Barefoot Custom

Buying My Husband's Blue Heeler for his return from deployment present 

I am a small town country girl who became a sign professional, quite by accident. We moved to NV in 1999 and I was working as an office temp when a full time position came open as a CSR at a local sign company and I got the job! I began helping in production and I was hooked; making something new every day and the genuine joy people had when they picked up their products created the Spark I had been searching for!

Since than I have installed Vehicle Lettering / graphics, printed on Shirts and Hoodies, sold; embroidery, business cards, pens and water bottles, Yes Promotional Products too! I truly enjoy creating something unique, from printing a simple decal to putting someone's logo on their truck doors. I try to get out and print at events so I can meet great people, such as Magical Lips by Ray, to create great inspiration for them as well.

Magical Lips By Ray "Ray" at the Auburn Mall Event

Barefoot Custom Creations is about providing quality products for affordable prices, bringing back the value of a hand shake, and helping to create pride and joy in the products we deliver.

Thank you for your interest, more to come soon.

you can visit my Facebook page at https://facebook.com/barefootcustomsigns