New Farmhouse Signs Have Started to Come in!

Welcome! Come on in and take a peek. We are going through a few changes here at Barefoot Custom Creations. Not Moving again or selling thank goodness! Nope now we are the Makers of wooden Farmhouse, Rustic, Shabby, Chic and Chippy Signs.

I started playing around with the rustic signs a few years ago on reclaimed pallet wood and had to take a side step to work full time. Now we have our shop and living space up, I have put my skills back to work doing things I love. I am not only painting the signs, I do all the designs and cutting myself. With the building of our shop and apartment, I have become proficient with a few more POW-POW-Power tools! (Ok, between you and me, it is really fun to run the air compressor and nail gun)

As for the designs and paint process, some of it is by hand most of it is by stencils that I have designed and cut. I have the material to make the stencils pretty much whatever size I need for the project at hand. Cool right! My professional sign cutter does come in very handy. So with that being said, I can do custom orders and designs. In fact I am slowly installing an app to products on the site that allows you to personalize and preview a sign before you hit that buy button. I think it's a great addition, as it gives you the service right at your finger tips. Hope you find it handy, if not let me know and I can always email you a proof of the sign before it's made.

So there's the short story for the day, Hope you check out our new wooden signs, and feel free to send comments or ask any questions about the signs. Have a fantastic day!

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