Lower Shipping Rates!

Shipping Shipping Rates

We have Lowered shipping rates for Items Under $8.99!

As an online shopper myself, I am always baffled by how much shipping can cost! As a business owner I also understand that over head costs must be meet but, a customer must receive the value they deserve for their hard earned dollar.

What Makes BFC Shipping different than other stores? 

I have implemented a few changes to increase value and protection for your new decal. For the protection of my customers I now ship my decals thru USPS using the Thick Envelope/Package setting. Why is this important to you? Tracking! Yup, with this option you receive a tracking number for your item! No being disappointed at the mailbox when your item isn't there. Now you have the piece of mind that your purchase has been shipped and you can track its progress to your door. I have also found a better price on my shipping materials and am passing that savings onto you! We are now using padded envelopes to protect the item during transport of your item.

On it's Way!

As an added service we will send the tracking information to the email you have provided to let you know that the item has been completed and is on it's way to you or the person you have purchased it for.

These are things that are important to me as an online shopper, I hope that the above standard shipping policies we use give you confidence in our services and products.

Thank you for shopping with us!

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